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The Old School Session is a beginners', slow session that's held once a month in Sturminster Marshall near Wimborne. The purpose of the session is to allow novice folk musicians to practise at a slow pace (as slow as necessary). Learning on your own at home is good, but sooner or later you'll want to step out and play with other musicians. The Old School Session is a halfway house between home and the pub session. Take a look at the FAQ for further information.

To improve your repertoire, each month we teach a new tune slowly by ear. This means everyone will have a least one tune under their belt by the end of the session, even if you're completely new! We've learned a lot of tunes in the past, and they are stored on this website. Even though there are a lot of tunes on the list, you only need to learn one to start with. Just sit out the tunes you don't know and listen. Your personal tune list will soon grow, and in time you'll be playing along with more tunes and putting sets together.

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Here's a little flavour of what you might expect at the session: