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Recently, we have been trialling running a short tune-learning workshop at the beginning of each session. This involves spending 30-40 minutes learning a new tune by ear. The idea is to increase the confidence of the sessioners for playing tunes by ear and relying less on the music. After we have learned a tune, we will post notes about the tune we learned here.

The tunes here should all be shown as scores. If they're not then it could be your browser doesn't support the library used to draw the music. You can probably see the ABC notation used to generate the music. I'm trying to add PDFs to all the music so you can download that to see the score. Alternatively, use a new browser!

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2014.09.12 - The Black Rogue (Jig)

The Black Rogue is a very common sesison jig. It's a bit unusual in that it doesn't start on the tonic, but on the dominant; that is, it's in the key of D but starts on the A chord.

The music is shown below, and it's nice to play it with a swing and with a relaxed feel. You'll notice a few places where there are "dip" ornaments (e.g. GFG, or BAB). As with any jigs, these can be replaced with other forms of ornament such as long rolls or "The Long Note". At the old school, the G and B "dips" in the 7th bar of the A part we learned with a long note.

Chord-wise, the tune is in standard D major. However, as already mentioned, it the A part starts on the A chord.

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T: The Black Rogue
K: D
d |: cAA BAA | cAA A2d | cAA BGG | AFD D2 d |
cAA BAA | cAA AGF | GFG BAB | AFD D3 :| 
|: fef gfg | afd cBA | fef gfg | afd d2 a | 
agf gfe | fed cBA | GFG BAB | AFD D3 :|

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